The Desiree Alliance is a coalition of health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators, sex professionals and their supporting networks working together for an improved understanding of the sex industry and its human, social and political impacts. Our focus is on building leadership and constructive activism in the sex worker population to advocate for sex workers’ human, labor and civil rights.

About Our Conference
The Desiree Alliance is holding its first conference, “Re-visioning Prostitution Policy: Creating Space for Sex Worker Rights and Challenging Criminalization” from July 9 – 12th, 2006 in Las Vegas. This conference will bring together sex workers and sex worker advocates and allies interested in working toward decriminalization of prostitution in the U.S., to provide training/networking resources for advocates, to create spaces for dialogue among workers, supporters, academics and policy makers, to identify workers’ most pressing needs and to collaborate on strategies for social and political change on local, state, and national levels. The focus is to develop strategies and leadership skills for ending the criminalization of sex work and sex workers. The goal is to empower sex workers and their advocates/allies with the knowledge, strength, confidence, and capacity to put these practices into action.

About Our Blog
Our conference will be documented live by:

Melissa Gira

Melissa Gira
I am a writer, new media artist, and sex workers’ human rights advocate, based in San Francisco. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Lusty Lady Erotic Theatre, and talk and teach classes on web-based tech focused for sex workers across the US. As one of the first sex worker bloggers, I have been writing about sex, sex work, pleasure, power, and service online since 1999, and today at my mobile blog and podcast, Sacredwhore.

Audacia Ray

Audacia Ray
I am a New Yorker, writer, sex worker rights advocate, alternative model, safer sex educator and intrepid pervert. I am an Executive Editor of $pread, a magazine exploring the sex industry from a workers’ perspective, winner of the 2005 Utne Independent Press Award for Best New Title. I also edit an adult website review blog, SugarClick, and my personal blog is WakingVixen.


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